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The INSIDE OUTLOOK is INTERIOR & DESIGN's way of creating the best informational experience to help you on your design journey. Whether it’s a hotel renovation, or a small bathroom remodel or a DIY project, we bring you the inside outlook you need on all things interior & design. I am your host Staci Greenberg. I am also an interior designer. I have spent many years speaking with the various trades and people associated with building projects of all sizes. I have talked with everyone from architects & contractors to fabric manufacturers & furniture makers, as well as many of the various craftspeople who create beautiful and interesting pieces just waiting to be used in your design project. I ask the questions the consumer wants to know such as how does the furniture maker select which wood or material to use? What are the differences between factory-made and handmade furniture? What kind of wallcovering is right for your project: paint or wallpaper? You will learn the information you need to know when making those all-important decisions on material selections or whom to work with on your project. You are welcome to email your questions via the website Post questions or comments at or at Tweet us at and we will make sure to address it in the next show. Who knows, it might just make the next show topic. Engage the action by saying: Hey Google, Talk to The Inside Outlook Once the action is engaged, try the following commands: Play the latest episode Search for furniture Help **For information about this Google Assistant Action, visit or send an email to
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