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To start, say "OK Google, let me talk to Todoist" Your Todoist Assistant will show up to help, and you'll be able to ask it to do things like: - "Add task to wash the car today" - "What do I have due on Sunday?" - "List the tasks in my Work project" - "What's due in my podcast project?" - "Complete my task Mow the lawn" - “Complete the task Transcribe interview” You can even add key details, just like when using Todoist quick add: - "Add a task Submit my report tomorrow p1 #work @urgent" This will create a task called “Submit my report” due tomorrow with a priority of 1 in your Work project with the Urgent label. If adding this task by voice you would say: - "Add a task Submit my report tomorrow p1 hashtag work at-sign urgent" You can get the job done even quicker by combining the invocation step with your request and saying something like: - “OK Google, Ask Todoist to add a task Wash the car today” - “OK Google, Ask Todoist to complete my task: Wash the car” - “OK Google, Ask Todoist to complete my Wash the car task” - “OK Google, Ask Todoist what’s due today” The integration lets you save time by quickly getting tasks out of your head and on to your task list by allowing you to use standard Todoist Quick Add features. You can get more information here - .
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Ask your assistant
Let me talk to Todoist
Talk to Todoist
Ask Todoist what's due today?
Ask Todoist to list the tasks in my Inbox project
Ask Todoist to add task Get Birthday gift
Ask Todoist to complete task Get Birthday gift
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