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With theMETAHome action you can control devices connected to the METAHome gateway, such as shutters, curtains, lights, switch and outlets or activate custom scenarios. It is also possible to ask the states of the sensors integrated in the METAHome gateway such as temperature and humidity. To be able to use the METAHome action you need to create a METAHome account through the homonymous app and the METAHome Gateway. You can use the METAHome action on all Cherubini s.p.A devices, on Cherubini CRC RX radio devices and on Z-Wave devices. With METAHome action it is possible to control the lights: - Turn on/off a light with "Hey Google, turn on the kitchen light" or "Hey Google, turn off the desk lamp” - Set a percentage with "Hey Google, lowers the brightness of room chandelier" or "Hey Google, sets to 30% the balcony light” With METAHome action it is possible to control the switches or a smart socket: - Turn on/off any device connected to a switch or a smart socket with "Hey Google, turn on the air conditioner" or "Hey Google, turn off the stereo” METAHome action enables to check the shutters or any type of engine supported by Cherubini S.p.A.: - Open or close: "Hey Google, open the shutter in the hall" or "Hey Google, open the curtain” - Set the opening level: "Hey Google, open the shutter to half" or "Hey Google, set the curtain to 20%” Choose to start a custom scene: - Predefined and customized scenarios can be created for any room or device, such as relax scenarios, party, dinner, soft light and many others. After creating a scenario or choosing a predefined scenario try to say "Hey Google, start the movie scene" or "Hey Google, start the relax scene” You can ask about the status of the Gateway sensors: - Temperature: "Hey Google, what is the temperature of Temperatura Gateway?" - Humidity: "Hey Google, what is the humidity of Umidità Gateway?" For more information visit
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Switch off the lights
Switch on the lights
Turn off the lights
Is the light on in Tyler's room?
Are the lights on in the kids bedroom?
Turn off the lights in the dining room
Turn on my lights
Dim the dining room lamps
Activate Good Morning
Turn on Movie Mode
Open the shutter
Rotate shutter 20%
Open shutter 50%
Close the shutter half way
Close the curtains half way
Open the bedroom curtains
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