Say Boom
Jorgo Papa
Try not to blow up the BOMB !!! The game is really simple, you have to count in turn with google assistant and say BOOM! instead of multiples of 3. For example: Assistant - 1 Player - 2 Assistant - BOOM! Player - 4 Assistant - 5 Player - BOOM! Assistant - 7 Player - 8 Assistant - BOOM! and so on... It seems easy, but both the little ones and the older ones could find difficulties. Especially when the number to count gets bigger! You can choose the next function to add by sending it by email (, the functions to be added in the next updates are: - personal record - total score - Ranking - multiplayer mode Latest updates: - game score (available in this version) Have fun! PS: 5-star reviews motivate us to create new actions and add functionality to this one. If you liked the game, write a 5-star review! If instead you want to send us your feedback, criticism and suggestion try sending it to the email: before writing a review.
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