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When mealtime's a blast, little ones take more bites. Moms and dads, choose from 3 features led by a tiny talking sprout, Sophie: 1) Songs. Get your little one munching along to fun songs about healthy foods like an Italian folk song about chickpeas or a funk song about oatmeal. 2) Mealtime adventures. Turn your spoon into an adventure machine by taking it on trips like the classic "Here comes the airplane." 3) Eat a pouch with Sophie. She counts and celebrates sips one by one. The next time it’s mealtime, just say, "Ok Google, open Sophie Sprout." About Sprout Foods Sprout Foods is on a mission to foster an early love for healthy, whole organic foods. Starting with the first ever complete line of plant powered purees and snacks for babies and toddlers, and now, introducing a new Google Action designed to give parents a hands-free, screen-free way to make healthy eating easy and fun. Hungry for more details? Songs Choose from nine songs: Blueberry, Butternut Squash, Chickpea, Cinnamon, Oatmeal, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Colors, or the Sprout Song played in kid-friendly styles like reggae, rock, polka, country, blues and funk. Just say, "Ok Google, ask Sophie Sprout to play a song!" Mealtime Adventures Choose from three adventures: an airplane fight soaring through the air, a choo-choo train riding through the mountains or a delicious bite of food being chased by a stampede of hungry animals. Just say, "Ok Google, ask Sophie Sprout for a mealtime adventure!" Eat a Pouch with Sophie Sophie guides little ones through three sips. Each one comes with silly sounds and a big, hearty hip-hip-hooray from Sophie. Just say, "Ok Google, ask Sophie Sprout to eat a pouch!"
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