Tessie for Tesla
Add voice control, drive history, automation and more to your Tesla. Get the app for iPhone, iPad and Android at https://tessie.io. Supports Model S, 3, X and Y. Using Routines to automate your Tesla? Use this exact command format in your routine: "Talk to Tessie for Tesla to (command here)" Have multiple vehicles? Specify the vehicle name: - "lock (vehicle name)" - "open the frunk of (vehicle name)" - "open (vehicle name)'s garage" Control doors, windows and trunks: - "open front" - "open rear" - "lock" - "unlock" - "open sunroof" - "close sunroof" - "vent windows" - "close windows" Control garage doors and gates: - "open garage" - "close garage" - "open gate" - "close gate" - "homelink" Control climate: Celsius or Fahrenheit is automatically determined. - "start climate" - "stop climate" - "defrost" - "stop defrost" - "start steering wheel heater" - "stop steering wheel heater" - "set temperature to 73" - "set temperature to 22" Locate your vehicle: - "honk" - "flash" Control Sentry: - "enable sentry" - "disable sentry" Control charging and the charge port: - "start charging" - "stop charging" - "charge to (50-100)%" - "close port" - "open port" - "unlock port" Tessie is built from the ground up for privacy and security. Some commands may require a personal security PIN, set via the Tessie app, so we can know that it's you. Need help? Have feedback? Want a specific trigger phrase? Email support@tessie.io.
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