Creating shopping lists and cooking just became so much easier and fun with Whisk for Google! Easily access your shopping lists and saved recipes by using Whisk across mobile, desktop, and voice. Take inventory of your pantry as you call out the items to include on your shopping list to Google and once you get to the grocery store, simply access the updated list on your phone. When you get home, ask Whisk to help you start cooking your favorite recipe and never scroll through steps with sticky fingers again! To get started, we’d recommend saving some recipes to your recipe box by going to my.whisk.com. Open the action by saying, “Hey Google, talk to Whisk” and try the following: Manage your shopping lists: “Add garlic to my shopping list” “Check if bell peppers are on my shopping list” “Delete onion from my list” “Create a new shopping list called Family Dinners” “Read me what’s on my shopping list” Cook more seamlessly: “Let’s cook the zucchini boat recipe” “Read the ingredients for instant pot sweet potatoes” “What are the steps for the chocolate cake recipe?” “How do I make French onion chicken?” Find some inspiration: “What can I make with beef?”
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Ask your assistant
Talk to Whisk to add avocados and onions to my shopping list
Talk to Whisk to open the red split lentil soup recipe
Talk to Whisk to ask what I can make with cauliflower
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