My Blind Stepper
NCA Labs
Consists of a stepper motor controlled by an esp8266 and an A4988 Motor driver. The unit could be controlled by multiple commands through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, a self contained html app that could be invoked from any internet connected device by means an HTML server embedded in the unit. Finally for testing purposes, a USB port is used and supports over 15 different commands. The setup of the unit is straight forward. It requires setting up the travel distance using the UI. Quite few programmable parameters are available to optimize the unit: RPM, Pulse width, max travel.... Available Commands are: to Open the blinds, to shut (Close) the blinds, to set set rpm, to set steps per rev, to kill (stop) the stepper, to end existing op, to reverse direction, to get the status, to set the absolute, to set the relative, se the new max to and set the rate to The new max command sets the max distance(revolutions) for a full travel The rate command sets the acceleration and deceleration rate for starting and stopping
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