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Work Alone is a lone worker solution from Ok Alone to managing check-ins when your employees are working alone. This action allows you to link your Ok Alone account to your Google device or assistant and manage your status using your voice. SIGN UP FOR OK ALONE To get started you need an Ok Alone account. Try Ok Alone for free and get your worker ID here THE MOST EFFECTIVE MONITORING Staff click the Check-in button on their Android or iPhone lone worker app at intervals set by you. If they fail to respond after a reminder OK Alone calls their phones to check they are OK. Alternatively, staff can check in by cell phone, by text or from the client’s phone. If no timely update from them, OK Alone escalates the incident, according to your policy. The incident can be handled initially by the call center or passed directly to management, depending on the policy and how you wish to be contacted. KNOW WHERE YOUR STAFF ARE Track your lone worker staff visits with a map that shows where they are and where they have been since the start of their shift. Stay on top of who was where and when. BE ACCOUNTABLE TO CUSTOMERS AND STAKEHOLDERS Your manager console produces reports of client visits that can be imported into timesheets. Meanwhile you can supply customer organisations with their own view of visits that are relevant to them. FULL ACCOUNTABILITY The OK Alone smartphone app has a simple button press to report incidents. Staff can add notes as required in the app. These incidents and those reported to the call center are escalated according to your policy. All this can be monitored from your console. OK Alone gives your organisation full accountability. THE MOST FLEXIBLE SYSTEM The OK Alone lone worker app applies a clever mix of technologies that are widely available to ensure all bases are covered and your escalation policy is adhered to. You choose which equipment to use and when to involve the call center. You can even have a different escalation procedure for individual workers. Decide if you want all missed check-ins to be reported to you first or if you want these handled initially by our call center, who will then alert you to any emergency cases. You may wish to monitor staff yourself during office hours but ask OK Alone to switch to the call center out of hours and when you are not available. FLEXIBILITY WAS NEVER SO EASY The OK Alone smartphone app is the simplest check-in screen imaginable. No need for bells and whistles. It just works. The management console is a cinch to set up, based on your escalation policies. OK Alone isn't just the most useful system. It's so easy it gets used. STAY IN BUDGET Subscriptions to the Ok Alone system are within the budget of even the most cost conscious organisation. With no set-up fees or long term contracts, you can be quickly up and running for as little as $5/£4 per person per month. Find out more and try the app now at
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