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3.7 lets you listen to news, talks, and stories about subjects that matter to you in a byte-size audio format known as "capsules". Let's say you want to listen to capsules from a Trebble station called "dominionated", all you have to do is say "play me the latest capsules from dominionated". If you are new to and you don't know any Trebble station, you can always say "Help" or "Suggestions" to get some suggestions on Trebble stations to listen to.
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I'm a new Trebble user and absolutely loving it so far. I actually come from the "conversational" technology world, so when I heard about Trebble it was a no brainer. I host and produce a long form podcast that we distribute across all the major audio platforms. In our latest season we were looking for a streamlined way to distribute across the voice enabled devices, while also diversifying our content into short-casts and highlights—Trebble makes this possible. We're now looking at ways to leverage Trebble to engage our listeners even more by sharing "capsules". Kudos to the hard working team behind this platform who have been very receptive to our feedback.
Chris Buttenham
August 27, 2018
This is a review of the beta version of Trebble.FM | I wrote this review after publishing my first three short casts aka capsules on Trebble.FM I am in the very early stages of starting a podcast and re-launching my website. I am also doing a lot of research into the #VoiceFirst ecosystem. It was during this research that I found out about Trebble.FM. I applied for early access and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set up my account and publish my first short cast aka capsule. It was just as easy to use the platform to share my capsules via social media. I also like the fact that the platform has built-in analytics. During my use of the product creating three capsules, I found an issue. I reported it to the founder and he both thanked me and fixed it. He was very appreciative of my input. Another area about the product I shared with him is the challenge of naming your capsule for use with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The original name of my Trebble did not work. The second and current name (my first and last name) sometimes works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Trebble clearly explains this challenge in the web app. The good news is that it was easy for me to change the name of my Trebble. Please note: I have not tested the platform's capability to record audio. I use the open source software program Audacity and an external microphone to record my audio. The platform makes it very easy to upload my finished MP3 file. The Bottom line: The Trebble.FM platform is a quick way to get any #VoiceFirst content creator live on Amazon Alexa or Google Home with a shortcast. The audio content is available via the web and can be added to Alexa's daily briefing. It was designed to be shared via social media. Additionally, the audio is technically multi-modal as screens will show a capsule name and your logo. When the content is shared via the web, you can share an image or link to additional content.
David Gerbino
August 26, 2018
I came across just last month and found it the perfect platform to publish my short audio podcasts that take advantage of Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With a web based interface I was able to within minutes, record my audio podcast and publish it to the web. does all the heavy lifting allowing me to share new information about innovative technologies that can used in the field of education. Once you publish your audio casts makes it very easy to share on Facebook, Twitter and as an Amazon Alexa News Flash Briefing. If you are looking for a way to easily share information, then take a look at you will be glad you did!.To top it off, the folks at are very helpful and are always available for feedback and support. Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D.
Brian Friedlander
August 22, 2018
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