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Math Practice - Practice Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction and Division Problems To play: OK Google talk to Math Practice When open you can configure as follows: Ask <2-30> questions Change subject to [multiplication|addition|subtraction|division] Change mode to [easy|medium|hard|loco] Change questions to <2-30> Set subject to [multiplication|addition|subtraction|division] Set mode to [easy|medium|hard|loco] At any point you can ask to 'repeat' 'skip' 'reset' 'details' or 'info' To configure from outside the app: OK Google ask Math Practice to set subject to [multiplication|addition|subtraction|division] OK Google ask Math Practice to set mode to [easy|medium|hard|loco] OK Google ask Math Practice to set questions to <2-30> Default: 10 Advanced math subjects include: * Halves * Doubles * Missing Addition * Missing Subtraction * Missing Multiplication * Missing Division * Squares * Square roots * Cubes * Cube roots * Add three numbers
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