ELKO Smart
With ELKO Smart, you can control your home devices simply through the mobile App, such as dimmer, switches, plugs and thermostats. You don’t even need to touch your mobile phone, just tell Google Assistant what you want and ELKO Smart will do for you. Free your hands and experience ELKO Smart with voice control now! After linking your Google Assistant and ELKO Smart accounts, you can give voice commands to Google. Dimmer Switch: “Ok Google, turn on kitchen light" “Ok Google, turn off bedroom light" “Ok Google, dim the bed light twenty percent” Thermostat: “Ok Google, set dining room AC to 24 degrees” “Ok Google, increase bedroom temperature AC 2 degrees” “Ok Google, turn off thermostat” Plug and Switch: “Ok Google, turn on plug" “Ok Google, turn off plug" “Ok Google, turn on switch” “Ok Google, turn off switch” Scenes You can also use one sentence to control multiple devices to a status that you pre-define in the ELKO Smart App. In the ELKO Smart App a scene is called a “Moment”. You can then name your moments. For example, you can say “Ok Google, turn on party”. The moment called “party” will then be triggered, and preconfigured devices in the moment, such as living room lights turn on, curtains will be opened, and soft music will turn on. Note: In order to use Google Assistant with ELKO Smart, you need to: 1. Install a ELKO Smart Hub and ELKO Smart system devices. 2. Download ELKO Smart App from App Store or Google Play. 3. Register a user account in ELKO Smart App. 4. Add devices, edit device names and create moments in the ELKO Smart App. You can learn more about how to set up the Google actions in ELKO Smart App (SettingsMore ServicesVoice Service).
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Ask your assistant
Open the bedroom curtains
Close the curtains half way
Turn on the AC
What's AC mode set to?
Raise the AC speed
Did I set AC to cool?
Stop the AC
What cycle is the AC in?
What is the AC doing?
What is the AC speed?
Start the AC
Set AC to high
Turn off TV
Turn on lights
Set the humidifier to 35% humidity
Set the humidifier to 5
Turn on the humidifier
Change the airflow to front on the humidifier
Activate osciliation for the humidifier
Set the humidifier to auto
Start the humidifier
Show the Front Door Camera on Living Room TV
Turn on the camera
Turn off the camera
Show garage camera
What's on Baby camera?
Turn On Hallway Camera
Is the Babycam On?
Set security to arm
Arm security
Set the thermostat to 70 degrees
What's the temperature inside?
Turn down the thermostat
Turn up the thermostat
Set the temperature to 65 degrees
Pause the vacuum
Start vacuuming
Charge the vacuum
Is the vacuum charging?
Dock the vacuum
Stop the vacuum
Stop vacuuming
Start the vacuum
Is the vacuum running?
Send the vacuum home
Resume the TV
Pause the TV
Stop the TV
Make it louder on the TV
Volume down on TV
Turn on the TV
Mute the TV
Skip ahead on TV
Activate Good Morning
Turn on Movie Mode
Turn off the lights
Turn on the kids bedroom lamps
Is the light on in Mary's playroom?
Turn on the lights in the kitchen
Are the lights on in the kids bedroom?
Turn on my lights
Switch off the lights
Switch on the lights
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