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This Google Assistant bot was made to assist you during your voice-shopping experience. • You can start first by searching for a product. Examples of products: Silicone phone case, Candy Soft phone case, Phone accessories 2. For example, you would say “I am looking for Phone accessories 2”, as a result, you will find broad match articles, use "filter" to refine results, or "next" to check the next products. • Once an item is selected, you can add it to your cart by saying "add to cart". • To track your orders, you can try to say " Hey Google, where is my order", so Google Assistant will tell you the status of your account purchase history. • After adding items to your cart, you can either send them to your email, by first checking your cart "Hey Google, check my cart" then ask Google to send your selections to your email by choosing the option "Send to my email", you can also choose to "continue shopping". In case you need help you can ask for help by saying "help". Finally, you can ask for a recommendation "Hey Google, Any recommendation?", or delete cart "Delete my cart". • Signing up will automatically create an account for ITshop using your Google email.
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