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Ray Geide
Now it is easy to learn about the greatest book on earth (the Bible). Just sit back and listen. Google brings the Bible alive. Today's Bible was written in today's words with the help of today's advanced tools to produce a high definition Bible that is easy-to-understand. Even if you never go to church, you won't have a problem understanding this Bible. The text for Today's Bible is from the Breakthrough Version (BV) - the High Definition Bible. It is much more accurate to the Greek text than the low resolution Bibles of yesteryear but it is also in today's everyday words. Start with John 1 (just say, "Start" after Today's Bible starts). When Google is finished with it, say Next, and she will go to the next chapter. You can go all the way through the New Testament like this. Today's Bible also features a daily chapter from the Bible (just say Daily). Discover God's message and instructions for you from the comfort of your home.
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