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Play the iconic Mexican Bingo game Loteria with friends and family from the comfort of your home - now featuring the Google Assistant as your cantor! Made popular by Don Clemente in 1887, Loteria is a staple in Mexican pop culture. Newly reimagined for voice platforms with a fully recorded narrator, fun sounds, and vivid imagery including the iconic artwork everyone remembers, the whole family will have a blast playing this classic game together. Loteria is available to play in both English and in Spanish. Gameplay: Google Assistant will read a card's verse followed by the name of the card. Players with that card on their tabla will mark the card with a physical object like a bean, or tap the respective box on their mobile device. There are two options to win: first player to have 4 in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally; or, first player to fill their board. To win, a Player should say, ""Hey Google, Loteria."" Games last about 20-40 minutes each. Tablas: Each player will need a tabla from the physical board game or a mobile device to play. To play with your phone: open the camera app on your phone and hold it up to the QR code on the screen in the game to open a unique tabla. Alternatively, you can follow this link from any device: www.loteriatabla.com. Features: - Use your phone as a tabla, or play using the classic board game - Fully recorded narrator, music, and sounds bring this immersive experience to life - Gameplay is animated on screen - Play the quiz to learn more about Loteria - Play in English or in Spanish
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