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Being older does not need to mean growing old. Each day you will get the advice and guidance you need to live your best life. One where you can stay active, healthy and independent. And, WellSaid's daily program for older adults will help you and your loved ones stay connected. We'll help you stay on top of areas of risk so you don't lose your independence and give you simple to follow activities and exercises to prevent falls, keep your memory strong, and remember your medications and appointments. Each time you ask Google to "Talk to WellSaid", you will be welcomed by name to the program, asked a few short questions to see how you are doing, and then given the daily recommended activities and exercises you need to stay doing your best. You can even check some fun facts, history trivia, an encouraging quotation, or hear today's scripture verse. You can let family or loved ones see how you are doing by asking them to link with you using the WellSaid app on their phone. You'll be able to let them know if you need any assistance or even just a friendly call. An they'll be able to rest assured that you are doing well without having to ask. Thousands of older adults have used this program to stay active and independent. You should too!
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