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A Google User
January 23, 2019
My stock market account was locked by me. And I'm the only person in the world that has the key. And if any of my property or shears was sent to the bank of trust in the name of Ronald Dean Miller, had a legal and valid submission from the government FDIC that no one could touch the money without a person who speaks a language that was in the transfer encryption of privacy policy between the federal reserve FDIC and myself that no one could get the entrest out of it or anything else unless I was there. So you live next door to Kevin I don't live next door to anyone because I'm homeless thanks to people that have never met me or know anything about me. I was kicked out of Michigan for ten years because of a fight that I was in. And I didn't come back here for 14years and when I did everyone here think that I have children here and if I do I was never informed of this. So if you are my child that I've never been told about you could say something to me because I don't know what you look like or if you are a girl or boy or twins I've never received a notice of having a child in Michigan.
Joseph A Rakes
January 11, 2019
100% sux
A Google User
January 11, 2019
Nine try. Chaos game plus
Александр Лисогор
January 7, 2019
Have to beg it for every stock. Should be able to have a list of stocks in Google assitant and then say "How is my portfolio doing?
Whatatay T
January 3, 2019
Handy info
Jonathan Weaver
December 23, 2018
Google Assistant brain me here when I tried to add to feed. Apparently I have to ask Google Assistant to see anything? No simple on screen updates in my assistant feed? Good job Google.
Sean LeBlanc
December 21, 2018
Can't get them because you stopped sending them
Bob Powell
December 13, 2018
Works as expected and easy to use.
A Google User
December 13, 2018
Nitin Gupta
November 2, 2018
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