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Shipping a car, truck, van, or motorcycle? This is the fastest way to get a quote on your vehicle transportation! Our transportation service can bring your vehicle door to door in the United States; simply get started in this Google action. Enable this action and say "Get a Quote" or ask any of the FAQ’s to find out anything from your insurance coverage to how to prepare for transport. How It Works: To get the quote you need to ship your vehicle to another city all you need to do is say: “Ok Google open Vehicle Transport.” “Get a quote.” "frequently asked question" After the welcome message you can say: “Get a Quote” or “ask a Frequently Asked Question” In get a quote you will be prompted to answer a few questions. With this information our associates can email you an accurate quote. Some example FAQ’s: How much does it cost? What if my car doesn't run? What is open transport? Can you guarantee a pick up or delivery date and time? How long will I be without my vehicle? How do I pay for my transport service? What is door-to-door transport? Can I ship personal items in my car? Is there a discount for shipping multiple vehicles? Is my vehicle insured during transport? Do I have to be at pickup or delivery? How much gas should I leave in my car? Can I change my first available shipping date? How should I prepare my car for shipment? How can I track my vehicle while in transit? Can you ship my car Internationally? How long is a quoted price good for? Thank for using our service! Please leave a 5-star review if you love this skill, or send us an email with your suggestions at . Your 5-star reviews encourage us to keep making more great skills, thanks! Skill Developed by Bluefin Technology Partners
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