combat series
Mitch Ashford
This app is designed to assist with the combat tables for Operational Combat Series from Multiman Publishing. You tell the app what terrain you're attacking into, then what type of attack you're performing. It will translate the Surprise values, plus handle the battle grid results. You can say things like: - Attacking with 7 and 5 against 3 and 2 (first number is attack power, second is action rating) - Over attack with 7 and 5 against 3 and 2 (this is an overrun attack) Terrain is Close Terrain is Open Terrain is Very Close Terrain is Extra Close - Barrage using 34 (34 is your total barrage rating) - Barrage attack with 34, shift left 1 (for cases where you know the shift factor from previous games) - Roll 2 dice - Roll for flak Note: This is not affiliated in any way with Multiman Publishing. OCS and all intellectual property is reserved by them.
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