Pandora Media, Inc.
Pandora gives you a personalized music experience that continually evolves with your tastes. * To request a station, you can say "Ok Google, play ____ station on Pandora." * To create a station, say "Ok Google, create a ____ station on Pandora." * To personalize your listening with your thumbs, say "Ok Google, Thumb up/down this song." * To hear your greatest hits, say "Ok Google, play my Thumbprint Radio on Pandora." * To say skip a song, say "Ok Google, skip" or "Ok Google, next song." * To pause your music, say "Ok Google, pause the music." * To resume play, say "Ok Google, continue playing." * To adjust volume say,"Ok Google, turn it up/down." * To set the tone with a genre, mood or activity, say "Ok Google, play Music for Cooking on Pandora" or "Ok Google, play a Hip Hop station on Pandora." * To stop playing Pandora, say "Ok Google, stop the music."
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