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Would you like to know what’s coming in the mail before it’s delivered? What if you could receive immediate package tracking information and take action before items arrive? Start by signing up for Informed Delivery® at! This new and innovative feature from the Postal Service™ allows users to digitally preview their mail and manage their packages via email notification, online dashboard, or mobile app. Informed Delivery offers you the convenience of seeing what is coming to your mailbox – anytime, anywhere. Once you sign up online, link this action to your Informed Delivery® personal account in your Google Assistant or the Google Home app . Google Assistant will now be able to tell you about items in your Informed Delivery package dashboard. Try saying: “Ok Google, talk to postal service" then • “where are my packages?” to find out which items being tracked by Informed Delivery are on their way to you. • “what packages were delivered?” to find out which items are in your mailbox. • "tell me about packages that need attention" to get instructions for items that need a redelivery or are available for pickup. • “find my package ending in tracking number 3433” to learn more about a specific package being tracked through Informed Delivery. • “what packages were delivered last Friday?" to find items delivered on a specific day • “what packages are arriving Wednesday?" to find items expected to arrive on a specific day • “how much to ship a package” to get a Priority Mail® shipping quote. • “where is ZIP Code™ 18702” to learn the city and state associated with a specific ZIP Code. When using the Google Assistant app to request and access your Informed Delivery package tracking information, you will be subject to the Google Assistant Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. We are working to add mail tracking images and other features.
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