Easy Homes
We are proud to announce the launch Easy Homes – one of the biggest innovation in the Smart Home space, in India. While we hear the phrase and see examples of ‘Smart Homes’ regularly, not all of them have been able to successfully recreate the real expectations when it comes to Indian homes. Several existing Smart Home solutions are designed only for new homes and do not fit the bill when it comes to existing homes or for retrofit projects. Then, for new homes too it can be complex to align varied requirements of different age groups which are part of an average Indian family-from the millennials to grandparents. Among the biggest challenge is creating a smart home while, engaging specialised integrators to install and commission this solution and depending on them for maintenance. This may not necessarily be accessible or affordable for everyone. Easy Homes – The perfect Smart Home solution for everyone in the family! At Schneider Electric we understand that this #StruggleIsReal and with our Easy Homes we hope to address these challenges. Easy Homes is for every home - existing, old, and new homes. It is designed for meeting the unique requirements of everyone in diverse families. Moreover, with four interfaces, it can be operated by everyone easily. Digitally inclined people can manage their home through Alexa or Google Home Busy individuals and couples can control the home from anywhere though their Smart Phone Elder members of the family can use a remote to control the house While the existing switch works just as well. What’s more It is Easy to Install: Without changing any existing electrical setup and infrastructure we can upgrade your home to Easy Home in just 4 hours. It is Easy to maintain: Your local electrician will be able to trouble shoot if there are any challenges, if not our 24/7 helpline can help you. It is Easy to buy It is Easy on your pocket
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