iSmart Light
The iSmart action offers users a convenient way to control iSmart smart light To connect your iSmart smart light to the google home action , first use the iSmart App to connect your devices to the internet. Then open the google home App to find the iSmart action , enter the action and click the "ENABLE" button. The authentication page will pop up. Enter the username and password of the iSmart App. After discovering the device, you will find the your iSmart smart light device name in google Home App. You can now control your iSmart smart light bulb by speaking the following phrases to google home: "hey google, turn on the light" "hey google, turn off the light" "hey google, set the light to red/blue/green/yellow/orange/violet" "hey google, set the light to fifty percent " "hey google, make the light warm white " "hey google, dim the light " "hey google, brighten the light" You can check with your local reseller how to integrate the google home in you Home Manager system.
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