De'Longhi DDSX dehumidifier
Ayla Networks Inc.
Here is a step by step guide to start controlling your De'Longhi dehumidifier with Google Home:  (1). Download "De'Longhi Comfort" app in Google Play or iOS App Store; (2). Launch the app and register a new account (or login if you’re already registered); (3). Turn on your DDSX dehumidifier and connect it with "De'Longhi Comfort" app; (4) You can rename your dehumidifier with "De'Longhi Comfort" app. In this way, Google Home will recognise the device with that name. (5). Download "Google Home" app from Google Play or iOS App Store, and connect your smart speaker with "Google Home" app; (6). Click "Set up device" and select "Works with Google" option; (7). Search for "De'Longhi DDSX dehumidifier" action, then input your account username, password and region on the linking page; (8). Finalize the device discovery in Google Home app; (9). Now all setup is done and you can start talking to Google Home to control your De'Longhi DDSX dehumidifier. These are some examples of the voice commands you are enabled to: Ok Google. Turn on the [dehumidifier] Ok Google. Turn off the [dehumidifier] Ok Google. Set the humidity to 35% on [dehumidifier] Ok Google, Set the humidity to 40 percent Ok Google. Change the mode to "Air Purifier" on the [dehumidifier] Ok Google. Change the mode to "Dehumidifying" on the [dehumidifier]
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