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Visions MyCar™ is the fastest, easiest, most versatile and complete telematics system utilizing a smartphone solution to stay connected with your vehicle from anywhere in the world. Using the Visions MyCar™ app, you can control your vehicle doors (Lock/Unlock), remote start or Stop your engine and even find your current vehicle’s location. PROFESSIONNAL INSTALLATION REQUIRED In order to use Visions MyCar™ on your vehicle, a Visions MyCar™ device and compatible remote starter must be installed onto your vehicle. To find an authorized Visions MyCar™ retailer, visit NOW COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE WATCH Control any of your vehicles securely. Remote Start/Stop your engine, control your vehicle doorlocks and GPS locate your vehicle from your Apple Watch using the Visions MyCar™ watch app. Download the smartphone app and the watch app will automatically download onto your Apple watch. For more details, please visit INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED In order to use the Visions MyCar™ App, it will require a connection to the internet via cellular or WiFi. KEY FEATURES • Remote start engine • Remote shutdown engine • Keyless entry access • Trunk release • Open/Close motorized liftgate (if equipped) • Factory or Aftermarket Security system Arming/Disarming • Up to 4 Customizable auxiliary functions • GPS position* • Push notifications for remote starter trouble codes • Push notifications for security alerts • Low battery condition alerts • Current vehicle status, Battery level and MyCar device signal strength *Instant locate feature included with basic plan. REMOTE STARTER COMPATIBILITY Visions MyCar™ is currently compatible with the following brands of remote starter and/or security systems: ADS • iDatastart HCx • iDatastart BMx • iDatastart BZx • iDatastart VWx ADS-AL-CA (adapter required) • AKX / OEM ASTROSTART • AF-D600 AUTOSTART • ASD200 • ASD600 COMPUSTAR • CM-7XXX • CM-6XXX • CM-900 • FT-xxx-DC • FT-DC2 • FT-DC3 CRIMESTOPPER • RS-00 • RSx-G5 • SP402 • SP502 DIRECTED • DBALL 2 • DB3 • 4X10 • 5X10 • DS4+ FORTIN • Evo-All • Evo-One MIDCITY ENGINEERING • All modules with Drone telematics port OMEGA • All modules with Blue telematics port POLARSTART • PRS-13 • PRS-16 VOXX • Flashlogic: All FLRS, FLRSBA, FLCMVW remote start modules • FLCAN (adapter required) • Prestige/Pursuit: All E model’s w/ telematics port (Except PRO9233E) • Code Alarm: CASECRS, CARS, CA4555, CA4055 & CA5055 NOTE: All Prestige/Pursuit/CodeAlarm systems must be updated to the latest firmware version (this will require the VOXX USB updating cable, Part# VEPROG)
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