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Linkr™ is the fastest, easiest, most versatile and complete telematics system utilizing a smartphone solution to stay connected with your vehicle from anywhere in the world. Using the Linkr™ app, you can control your vehicle doors (Lock/Unlock), remote start or Stop your engine and even find your current vehicle’s location. PROFESSIONNAL INSTALLATION REQUIRED In order to use Linkr™ on your vehicle, a Linkr™ device and compatible remote starter must be installed onto your vehicle. To find an authorized Linkr™ retailer, visit INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED In order to use the Linkr™ App, it will require a connection to the internet via cellular or WiFi. KEY FEATURES • Remote start engine • Remote shutdown engine • Keyless entry access • Trunk release • Open/Close motorized liftgate (if equipped) • Factory or Aftermarket Security system Arming/Disarming • Up to 4 Customizable auxiliary functions • GPS position* • Push notifications for remote starter trouble codes • Push notifications for security alerts • Low battery condition alerts • Current vehicle status, Battery level and MyCar device signal strength *Instant locate feature included with basic plan. REMOTE STARTER COMPATIBILITY Linkr™ is currently compatible with the following brands of remote starter and/or security systems: ADS • iDatastart HCx • iDatastart BMx • iDatastart BZx • iDatastart VWx ADS-AL-CA (adapter required) • AKX / OEM ASTROSTART • AF-D600 AUTOSTART • ASD200 • ASD600 COMPUSTAR • CM-7XXX • CM-6XXX • CM-900 • FT-xxx-DC • FT-DC2 • FT-DC3 CRIMESTOPPER • RS-00 • RSx-G5 • SP402 • SP502 DIRECTED • DBALL 2 • DB3 • 4X10 • 5X10 • DS4+ FORTIN • Evo-All • Evo-One MIDCITY ENGINEERING • All modules with Drone telematics port OMEGA • All modules with Blue telematics port POLARSTART • PRS-13 • PRS-16 VOXX • Flashlogic: All FLRS, FLRSBA, FLCMVW remote start modules • FLCAN (adapter required) • Prestige/Pursuit: All E model’s w/ telematics port (Except PRO9233E) • Code Alarm: CASECRS, CARS, CA4555, CA4055 & CA5055 NOTE: All Prestige/Pursuit/CodeAlarm systems must be updated to the latest firmware version (this will require the VOXX USB updating cable, Part# VEPROG)
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