Daily Panchangam
Sriharsha Shesham
Get the daily panchangam to begin something auspicious. Here are the things you may ask. 1. Get today's Panchangam for India 2. Get tomorrow's panchangam for Australia EST 3. Get panchangam for 15th August 2020 for EST 4. What is today's thithi in India 5. Get today's Amrutha Kaalam in USA EST 6. Get today's Varjyam in USA CST 8. What is current Ruthuvu in London Daily Panchangam is currently only available for the below Countries/timezones 1. Bharat(India) (Default) 2.1. USA EST 2.2. USA CST 2.3. USA PST 2.4. USA MST 3.1. Australia EST 3.2. Australia CST 3.3. Australia PST 4. London Daily Panchangam expects you to provide a country-region from the list above. If no timezone/region is specified while interacting, the default timezone from above list is considered. If you want to save your timezone preference so that you don't have to say it each time you ask for panchangam, please turn on personal results on your google home app as shown in the video below. Once enabled and once you invoke the "Daily Panchangam" by saying "Talk to Daily Panchangam", you may say "Update my timezone to <>". For example "Update my timezone to USA EST" or "Update my timezone to Australia EST". Once the timezone is set and when you ask for daily panchagam you don't have to mention the timezone. You may directly ask "Talk to daily panchangam and get today's panchangam". At any point of time when you are in the "Daily Panchangam" you may get your timezone by asking "Get my timezone". Enable Personal Results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4KlJNIQGOI
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