Bkav SmartHome
Bkav Corporation
BkavSmartHome app support existing user control device in Bkav SmartHome system by google device (supported Google Assistant). Prerequisites needed to use the app: - Existing user in Bkav SmartHome (have account in Bkav SmartHome with phone number). - Enable support Voice control in BkavSmartHome App (Detail Bkav SmartHome have supported for customer). After sign in Google Assistant on App and install Bkav SmartHome action, customer will sign in by OTP (by phone of user), after sign in success and update device, the list device, service, script on Bkav SmartHome mapping to device, scene in Google system with name similar on Bkav SmartHome. List available device will show on google Home app on device. When you change information from Bkav SmartHome App (add, remove, modify device, service/script), you must have update again, list device on google Assistant system will update. - To control service (current only support on/off service) with device or app support Google Assistant, after invoke Google Assistant (OK, Google) and say "Turn on|Turn off" + device_name (Ex: turn on bedroom light) or activate scene (script in BkavSmartHome system) by "Activate + name_scene (Ex: activate sleep).
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Turn on Movie Mode
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Turn on speakers
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Smart home
Available devices
Google Home
Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
Smart Displays
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