Professor kNOW
Ravensburger AG
Professor kNOW, the official App for kNOW!, the always up-to-date quiz board game by Ravensburger. How many days until Halloween? What time will the sun set tomorrow? What is the current time in New Zealand? kNOW! asks questions that have never been possible before in a tabletop quiz game. Thanks to Google Assistant, the answers change depending on time, date, and location. kNOW! was developed in partnership with Google and features 1,500+ questions that include multiple activities to answer. You don’t need to read the manual! Let Google Assistant explain the rules to you. Is time an issue? No problem Just set a timer how long you want the game to run. The App also features new questions and theme specials that are added to the game all the time, for free! kNOW! — The always up-to-date quiz game.
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