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You can listen to [Today's Schedule] or [Tomorrow's Schedule] from your TimeTree calendars. Google Assistant to summarize your schedule at the start of your day! ■ Features - Listen to today's schedule Here is your schedule for today from this time onward, [You have 3 events today. From 10:00, xxxxx... ] - Listen to tomorrow's schedule Here is your schedule for tomorrow. [You have 3 events tomorrow. From 10:00 xxxxx... ] - Calendar Settings [Default Calendar] - Connected to only one TimeTree calendar. - By default, the first calendar of your list of calendars from the TimeTree app is set to be the calendar that will by connected to Google Assistant. - Changing the Connected Calendar - To change the connected calendar from Google Assistant, say, [Ok Google, connect to my second calendar]. - Confirm the Change - In case you wish to check which calendar TimeTree is connected to, say, [Ok Google, which calendar am I connected to?]. ■ Feedback We await your feedback on using TimeTree for Google Assistant! ↓Please leave us your feedback from the form below↓ https://forms.gle/muwBnw1xBrUBzY6x5
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