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You can enjoy the original game book created by the user by voice. Select the game you want to play from Book Table on the developer's site Voice UI ( Currently (July 1, 2020), three games from No. 10 and No. 11 are released. (how to play) ① Talk the game number you want to play. The game book starts. ② Select a choice and proceed to the next paragraph. ③ The game ends when you "Clear" it. At the bad end, you can choose "Replay" or "Exit". ④ If you say "Save" during the game, the paragraph number will be saved and you can start the game from that number next time (only one save point can be saved). ⑤ You can exit in the middle of the game by saying "Exit the game" in the middle of the game (If you need to save, please do "Save" first). (How to create a game book) By registering on the developer's site Voice UI (, you can create a game book and let many people play it. Please refer to How to make a game book ( for how to create. Special Thanks Music provided by Wingless Seraph Gamebook provided by yoyogi jotaro
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