Chaos Quest
A world of marvels and mystery waiting to be rediscovered. A dangerous, epic journey across the multiverse. A quest that you shape with your very own. This is Chaos Quest. Chaos Quest is a player-driven adventure guided entirely by your voice. The voice assistant tells you the story and your spoken choices during every decision point determine which route to take. Help or hinder, fight or to run, save or to condemn--the choice is yours. You are the only survivor of a world that has been torn apart by a being called the Chaos Monger. You are cursed to leap from one dimension to another until you find enough pieces of your former world. It is up to you to reclaim them and rebuild the world you have lost. Are you up to the challenge, or will Chaos reign over all? New in version 1.1: - 5 new plot scenes - 5 new endings - Weapon rewards and collections Coming soon: - New faction: Guardians
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