Innr Lighting B.V.
Life just got easier: just ask Google to control your Innr lights by saying a command. It’s easy to get started. Simply tap the “+” button in the Google Home App, select "Set up device", and then select the Works with Google option. Search for "Innr" and select the found Innr Action. Now authenticate with your Innr account credentials to link your Innr system to the Google Assistant. Easily control your Innr lights with Google Home commands. Simply say “Hey Google” to get its attention and replace these examples with your own personal light and room settings. Note: create your own rooms with their names in the Google Home app. Here are some of our favorite phrases: “Hey Google, turn on the lights in the kitchen” “Hey Google, dim the bedroom lights” “Hey Google, set the reading light to 50%” “Hey Google, set the ceiling lamp to red” “Hey Google, activate Good Night” For more help and inspiration see
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Ask your assistant
Turn on my lights
Turn off the lights
Turn off the lights in the kids bedroom
Is the light on in John's office?
Turn on the lights
Are the lights on in the kitchen?
Dim the dining room lamps
Turn on Movie Mode
Activate Good Morning
Switch off the lights
Switch on the lights
Smart home
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Android 6.0+ watches
Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
Smart Displays
Android 6.0+ tablets
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