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How to start? Google Assistant for Baby Daybook can be invoked by saying “Talk to Baby Daybook to ”. Google Assistant will ask you to sign in with your Google or Facebook account, which you use in the app. How to specify a baby profile? You can specify which baby the command is used for by saying “for ” with each command. All consecutive commands will remember the last used baby name. You don’t need to specify baby name at all if you have a single baby profile in the app. How to specify a group for activity? To assign a group, just say “with group ” when adding an activity. VOICE COMMANDS Breastfeeding - start nursing on the right side for Maria - stop breastfeeding - continue nursing on the left - pause breastfeeding - switch nursing side - which nursing side was the last - give me details about the last nursing for Maria Breast pump - save 3 fluid ounces pumping from both sides - record 100 ml pumping from left - what was the side of the last breast pump - get details about the last breast pump Sleeping - start sleeping for Maria - end sleeping - when did baby fall asleep - when did Maria wake up - how long is Maria awake - how long is Maria sleeping - tell me about the last sleeping for Maria Bottle & Drink - log a formula bottle feeding of 4 ounces (saves 4 fl oz Bottle with group Formula) - record 150 ml drink with group juice - save 200 milliliters bottle of water for Maria - get information about the last bottle - when was the last drink given for Maria Diaper change & Potty - record mixed diaper for Maria - log dirty nappy - save wet diaper - add peed potty - log potty with pee and poo - give me details about the last diaper change - when was the last potty Temperature - save fever of 100 F for Maria - record temperature of 38 degrees Celsius - add temperature of 37 Celsius - tell me about the last temperature activity - when was the last temperature measured Bath - record hair wash for Maria - save bath with hair washing - how long ago was the last bath for Maria Activities with duration - start walking outside activity for Maria - end playtime - continue crying activity - give me information about the last tummy time - when did Maria start crying - get the end time of the last playtime - how long is Maria crying Activities without duration - add medicine with group Vitamin D for Maria - record food with group Cereal - save Ibuprofen pill for Maria (saves Medicine with group Ibuprofen for Maria) - log rash symptom (saves Symptom with group Rash) - when was the last symptom logged - how long ago was the last medicine given
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Talk to Baby Daybook to start nursing left side
Talk to Baby Daybook to switch nursing side
Talk to Baby Daybook to record dirty diaper change
Talk to Baby Daybook to get details about the last sleeping
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