Use Google Assistant with Smartenit products to control your lights, switches, dimmers, outlets, and thermostats. ***Pre-requisites for Action to work*** 1. You must use a account to enable the Action. If you did not receive an email to create this new account, please email us at and we will get you going. 2. Your gateway must have Smartenit ZBPServer software version 3 or above. 3. Your gateway must have compatible devices. ***GETTING STARTED*** Step 1: Open the Google Home App, then click on the menu button and select home control. Step 2: Click on the Plus button to add your devices Step 3: Select Smartenit from the list of SmartHome providers, you will be directed to a login screen where you can link your Smartenit account. Your devices will be synced automatically Step 4: Control your devices, for example: On/Off Devices · Ok Google, turn on the Bedroom Fan · Ok Google, turn off the Living Room Lamp · Ok Google, turn on everything in the Living Room · Ok Google, is the Bedroom Lamp on? Dimmer Devices · Ok Google, dim the Living Room Lights · Ok Google, brighten the Kitchen Lights · Ok Google, brighten the Kitchen lights to 75% · Ok Google, dim the Living Room lights to 25% · Ok Google, set Living Room Lamp to 50% Thermostat Device · Ok Google, Heat up the Bedroom thermostat · Ok Google, Cool down the Bedroom thermostat · Ok Google, set Bedroom thermostat to 80 Scenes: · Ok Google, activate Movie scene · Ok Google, turn on Movie scene · Ok Google, turn off Movie scene Please Note that devices such as Door-Locks are not yet supported by Google Assistant. Visit to learn more or if you have any questions.
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