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Power Link intelligent socket The Power Link intelligent socket is designed to monitor and control the energy consumption of various electrical devices, as well as notify users of network overloads. The device is equipped with an autonomous timer and protective shutters. Bluetooth provides autonomous operation without buying additional equipment. Remote control via secure ZigBee communication protocol. How to set up Perenio Power Link socket: 1. Purchase one of the Perenio IoT devices controlled via Alice (for example, a Power Link socket) 2. Download the Perenio Smart app from Play Market or App Store 3. Register a Perenio Account 4. Click on the button “Merge Accounts” below 5. Enter the username and password from your Perenio account 6. Click the button “Update device list” below 7. Click the button "Go to the list of devices" 8. Select Intelligent Socket 9. Add the name of the socket and zone(for example, "kitchen" or "living room") Perenio smart home based on the Perenio IoT platform using the Perenio Smart app. Support for security and control devices for home, apartment, cottage, office, and any other space. For voice control, you must purchase the PEACG01 Smart Home Control Center. Ways to use a Perenio Power Link: 1. Turn on the timer 2. Measurement of electricity consumption (kettle, computer or other devices) 3. Connection to an electric heated towel rail 4. Remote device reboot (on / off, for example PC) 5. Use with mosquito fumigator (disconnect not manually, by timer) 6. Remote control of the pump 7. Turning on lights for flowers / flowerpots / pots 8. Remote heater on / off 9. Connection to a coffee machine (warming up), a slow cooker, a grill, a free-standing oven 10. Turn on / off the timer lights (tapes with flashlights) 11. Turn off the charging the phone or other equipment at night 12. Remote control of air humidifier / air wash 13. Lighting /music with a timer for the effect of presence, the inclusion of a light alarm (automatic dawn) 14. Turning on the radio or audio system as an alarm clock. 15. Remote control of hair irons 16. Control (disable) game consoles (TVs) for children 17. Simplify turning off or turning on devices that are connected to hard-to-reach sockets (under the table, behind the cabinet) 18. Installation on a surveillance camera to disable it at a certain time for privacy 19. Turn on and off the lights in aquarium.
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