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Star Horoscope uses modern astrological techniques to produce precise readings. Our AI reader Zora gives fun and positive advice about your relationships, career, finances, health and almost every area of your life. She also learns what you care about over time and gives you customized feedback for Gemini horoscopes or today's zodiac for Pisces. No matter what part of your future you're curious about, or if you're a Libra, Aries, Scorpio, or Cancer, we've got your back. We believe horoscopes are a meaningful form of communication that makes people feel a sense of purpose and validation. This AI assistant is constantly searching for thousands of quotes with deep and rich meanings, with new quotes served every day! EXAMPLES Ways you can talk to Star Horoscope: "OK Google, give me a Libra horoscope" "OK Google, Horoscope for Aries." "OK Google, I want a Daily Reading." "OK Google, Capricorn Zodiac." TECHNOLOGY Introducing Zora of Star Horoscope - an interactive, conversational agent. Unlike dumb bots based on rules, Star Horoscope has a sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning core. She learns and gets better over time, helping target inspirational star wisdom for you. COMPANY Star Horoscope is built by Starbutter AI, the world's expert on interactive conversational agents.
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Fun and somewhat helpful. I like to see if the the horoscope relates to me and comes true
26 December 2018
Craig Fryer
23 December 2018
They did not answer my most important question
Duduzile Magudulela
18 November 2018
Its interestingly fun
Aki Suda
29 October 2018
Its fun and helpful
jeannie gough
28 September 2018
Its misunderstood my birthday and now i cnat reset it
Rony Vetcher
4 August 2018
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