VoiceIQ by Delta Faucet Company
Delta Faucet Company
Use the VoiceIQ by Delta Faucet Company app with Google Assistant to control Touch2O enabled faucets in your home with voice commands. "OK Google, turn on the Kitchen Faucet" "OK Google, dispense two cups from the Bar Faucet" "OK Google, enable handwash on the Bathroom Faucet" To get started, make sure you have registered a VoiceIQ account in the web app, the VoiceIQ module is online and connected to the Touch2O controller.
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Ask your assistant
Dispense 1 cup of water
Is water currently dispensing from faucet?
How much did I give earlier from faucet?
How much water did I give earlier from faucet?
Turn on the faucet
Is anything currently dispensing from faucet?
Set the faucet to hot water
Smart home
Available devices
Google Home
Android 5.0+ phones
iOS 10.0+ devices
Smart Displays
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