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Morgana has kidnapped King Arthur and wants to rule Camelot! It's up to you to help Merlin save the King and guide a soldier through mystical and dangerous worlds by shouting out all the spells you can imagine! Features: - SHINE AS MERLIN'S APPRENTICE Shout out fun and diverse spells by joining an element + spell word to take down enemies of all shapes and sizes. - EARTH STOMP! The more creative, the better! Link elements (fire, water, air, earth) to powerful action words and watch the awesome special effects! - EXPLORE CAMELOT Start adventuring and fight through skeletons, monsters and bosses non-stop! - FRESH TAKE ON HISTORY Immerse yourself in a classic Medieval England adventure with an amazing modern soundtrack and stylish visuals! - EXCLUSIVE SPELLS VoiceClub Members gain exclusive access to special spells! - Built by Doppio, the leading voice game developer founded by gaming veterans, makers of voice game hits The Vortex, The 3% Challenge, and PAC-MAN™ WAKA WAKA ************** Push Notifications: Voice Quest offers two types of push notifications that you can choose to enable: - To be notified when your XP bank is full, ask to "let me know when my XP is full." - To be notified when new content is added to the game, ask to "let me know when new content is available." Push notifications in Voice Quest are completely optional. To stop receiving notifications once you've enabled them, just ask to "disable notifications." ************** Account Linking: You can link your Voice Quest game to a VoiceClub account to save your progress, and unlock the exclusive "Latte" spell! Linking a VoiceClub account is entirely optional. To do so, just ask to "link my VoiceClub account." ************** Support: If you like this game, please leave us a review on the Google Assistant Directory! We love reviews. For assistance and any feedback about the game, get in touch at https://doppio.games/support or support@doppiogames.com ************** Update History: We update Voice Quest regularly with gameplay improvements and new content! For a complete list of updates, check out: https://doppio.games/voice-quest/update-history?tag=google+assistant ************** Get in touch: Connect with us for more information about The Vortex, Doppio Games, and other titles: https://facebook.com/DoppioGames https://twitter.com/DoppioGames https://www.instagram.com/DoppioGames https://doppio.games
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