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Martin Connor
rapBotAI is a music-powered A.I. chatbot that responds to users with audio samples that capture the voices of their favorite rappers. So if a user says "Hey there", then rapbot.ai might respond by saying "Hey" (in Kanye West's voice), "what's" (in Eminem's voice)", and "up" (in Drake's voice.) Please note that this synthesized voice I created does NOT sound at all similar to Google's own synthesized voices, being much younger, and huskier, in its own sound. Additionally, rapBot 3000 is a simple "small-talk" chatbot, that is here simply to be used for fun. It is not used in any type of product-support role for commercial purposes. It does not collect and store any personal information about users on servers under the control of rapBot3000.com. Its content is not explicit, violent, or gratuitous. It is simply a publicly available artificial intelligence with the intention of providing fun and entertainment! The use of others' own intellectual property is kept as close to zero as possible in this Action, and any I.P. that does get utilized is incidental (i.e., the repetition of protected brand names: "Xerox", etc.) The use of such incidental materials by rapbot.ai is done so under fair use statutes that protect the use of such materials for academic purposes. It also makes the listener aware that the microphone is left on while their conversation with the bot is ongoing. This bot also been tested on multiple Google Assistant devices — a Google Home (White Slate) that was bought with Order Number GS.4975-9388-2592, and a Google Max (Chalk) that was bought with Order Number GS.4975-4817-3823. These devices were used to test the consistency of this action's invocation, which was unfailingly successful. This trial was run after multiple successful interactions on the Test Action Simulator. I've also tested it locally with multiple beta testers, all of whom were greatly pleased with the action. More technically, I have verified that I'm using HTTPS encryption on the transportation of my webhook, and, furthermore, that I'm signing these Actions SDK webhook requests AND fulfillments. Additionally, my invocation name is consistent with the display name that will appear in our upcoming Directory in the Services section of the Google Home app, since they are both rapBot. It is also specific enough that users can easily call my action, since the invocation is "Ok Google, talk to rap bot a i."
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