Quran Explorer
Quran Explorer
Quran is the Holy book consists of divine guidance which was sent down on earth by the Creator of this World. Quran was orally revealed by Allah to the last Prophet, Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) through the archangel Gabriel (Jabril A.S). Quran was revealed gradually (verse by verse) over a period of 23 years. . It is the timeless speech of Allah, guiding about the life and death, and also about what will come after. Therefore it deserves a more careful study than any other book. Quran Explorer (QE) is the Quran application which made The Quran easier to read. The application has enhanced features and services to make the Quran not difficult to understand. Aim of Quran Explorer (QE) is to serve the Muslim Ummah across the globe with the recitation, learning and memorizing the Quran, with the best user experience. This Quran Explorer google assistant action includes Quran Recitation for now, we will include Quran Translations, Quran commentary (Quran Tafsir) in future releases. In this Quran Explorer you can ask, for example: ◉ Ask Quran Explorer to recite surah Fatiha ◉ Ask Quran Explorer to read surah number 1 (1 - 114) ◉ Ask Quran Explorer to play first surah ◉ Ask Quran Explorer to recite chapter 9 ◉ Ask Quran Explorer to recite surah 4 ◉ Ask Quran Explorer to play surah Al-Nisa Learning and understanding the Quran Education is anobligatory need of each Muslim.So, Muslims should read Quran daily with better understanding in order to improve this life and the next life too. The right understanding of Quran leads a person to become a good Muslim and collectively such good Muslims can develop a great Islamic society by educating other Muslim brothers too about the teachings of Quran. Let us all spread the message of Quran by sharing this application with others, to let them improve their knowledge and education of Islam. Quran Explorer is constantly trying to improve its features and services to make this app better day by day, and your feedbacks and reviews enabled us to reach that so far.Kindly rate and review Quran Explorer application leave your suggestions and we’ll incorporate them.
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