Toucan Home Security System
Vupoint Solutions Inc
(with Google answering function): You can livestream, see, hear visitors in front of your Toucan doorbell or camera from Google Home by simply saying "OK Google, show me front door" or "OK Google, answer the front door". (without Google answering function): You can view your house security cameras from Google Home and by simply saying "OK Google, show me front door". This can be done just by adding Toucan action to Google app following the steps below: To get started, select the "Enable" button in the Toucan action page from the Google Home app to link your Toucan application account and discover your device by saying "OK Google, discover devices". Once done, you can begin controlling your Toucan Video Doorbell through Google.   Step by Step Guide: Step 1: Download Toucan app to your mobile devices: ignore if you have already done it (1). Download our "Toucan" app from Google Play or App Store; (2). Launch the app and log in; (3). Select one of the preset device names provided or create your own during connection setup which are editable at any time; (4). Set up the connection with Toucan camera by following the app instruction; Step 2: Enable Toucan actions to Google (1). Go to "Google Home" app and select “My Setting; (2). Find the GOOGLE ASSISTANT and click “More Setting; (3). Select "Assistant" option and click “Home control”, then click “Add device”; (4). Go to actions and search for "Toucan Home Security System"; (5). Select "Enable" for the "Toucan Home Security System" action. Login to your Toucan app account and authorize access to link your Toucan Video Doorbell; Step 3: Find your devices (1). Discover your device by talking to Google Home "OK Google, discover Toucan camera" and your Toucan camera should be found within 20s; (2). All setup is complete and you can start to view your camera with Google.   To view your camera, you can say "OK Google, show me front door" to check out your front door with Google Home.
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Android 6.0+ TVs
Google Home
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