Index Flux
Sridhar Sathya
Index Flux will get you equity market details and news that will affect it. This application will be ever evolving and stay tuned for new features that’ll be added periodically. Currently, the following features are offered: Market summary: Phrases that Index flux will understand are: Get me market summary How is the market doing? Market update These commands will get the current values of Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and NASDAQ-100. Data for this is obtained from “World Trading Data”. Stock quotes. Keywords that this function is looking is: Company name or its ticker/symbol. At what price is IBM trading? Get me the stock quote for Google What is the price for Facebook? What is the latest price for Citigroup? What are the fundamentals of Salesforce? Data for market trend comes from IEX Group and News Currently, headlines from the following news sources are processed: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNBC and The Hindu. I’m limiting to headlines considering fair use and expect you go to your favorite news source to get further details. You can invoke news headlines by saying Get me news from the New York Times Please get me news from CNBC What are The Hindu’s headlines? Of course, the data is owned by the individual publishers and the application aggregates the information via News API ( Finally, you can exit this action by saying: Bye Bye bye Talk to you later See you Later.
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