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All Things Hair by Unilever Welcome to the All Things Hair app, your online hair advisor! Our beauty editors at Unilever love trying out hundreds of styles and products to give you the best hair tips and inspiration. Once you’ve enabled All Things Hair, you can explore the three key features: 1. A free search You can ask and find out everything about any hairstyle and get specific haircare advice too. Just say what you have in mind: ‘Advice on wedding hairstyles’ ‘Tell me what hairstyles look good with thin hair’ ‘Show me Dutch braids’ ‘Advice for summer hair color ideas’ ‘Help me with dandruff’ ‘How do I do natural hair updos’ ‘How to deal with split ends’ 2. Discover a new look, and find tutorials to help you If you’re not sure about how to style your hair, we can suggest the perfect look based on your hair type, an upcoming event, or even the time of the year. If you feel inspired to try out a hairstyle, you will have access to tutorials that will guide you through the process step by step, giving you time to complete each one. You can pause & resume; it will remember where you were. Just say ‘inspire me’. You can always go back to searching for a new hairstyle at any time by saying ‘find another look’, or go back to the menu. 3. Hair care and product tips We can give you instant access to essential hair care information and must-have products. We can then email you the haircare advice and style guides so you can refer to them later – just say ‘Send me the look’. We can then send the products used to your inbox. If you’d prefer to not receive emails, you can change the settings. You can turn them back on if you change your mind. Enabling All Things Hair is simple. Tap the green ‘Install’ button on this page, enter your name & email address (so we can send you your products and tips), verify your account (click the link in the email we send), and get started with ‘Google, talk to All Things Hair!’. For lots more handy information on how to use this skill, head to or search ‘All Things Hair’. We hope you’ll enjoy it. If you like it, the best way to tell us is with some stars.
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Won't answer any questions about men's hair.
Kevin Brown
January 12, 2019
not very interactive, the same styles over and over, got bored after 5 minutes. also left the conversation everytime I asked to send me the styles. lame.
Christa Morgan
December 21, 2018
Love it.
Dusty Paradee
December 13, 2018
Could barely answer any of my questions.
Kali Williams
July 22, 2018
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