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SmartiCo Homes
Control your electrical home appliances with your voice using "SmartiCo Homes Smart Switches" and Google Home. This action works with "SmartiCo Homes Smart Switches" so that you can turn on/off your connected electrical home appliances using Google Home/Google Assistant powered gadgets. "SmartiCo Homes Smart Switches" make your existing switches safe and voice controllable. After installing and configuring the SmartiCo Homes Smart Switches on, you can follow below steps to setup Google Home to control devices connected to "SmartiCo Homes Smart Swtiches": 1. Open the Google Home App. 2. Navigate to “+ (Add Device)” / “Set up device” / “Works with Google (Have something already set up?)” 3. Search for "SmartiCo Homes" action and and click on it to enable. 4. In the next page, enter your email Id (registered with SmartiCo Homes while making the purchase). You will receive an OTP on your email Id. 5. Enter the OTP on the screen when asked. If you have multiple accounts associated with you email on SmartiCo Homes, you will be asked to choose desired account so that devices associated with that account can be controlled by Google Home. 6. You will be asked to give "device-status-read" and "device-control" permissions to Google Home. Click on Grant button to continue. 7. You should see "SmartiCo Homes" devices in your home graph. If not, please contact SmartiCo Homes support. 8. Now follow the instruction on Google Home app to further configure your devices. 9. Your devices are ready to be controlled via your voice using Google Home.
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