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Transit Now let's you hear important TTC service announcements and real-time bus predictions. *NEARBY STOPS* - Using your home location, you can specify the route number and direction and Transit Now will find the nearest stop. - "Hey Google, ask Transit Now for..." - "...predictions [34] [East]" - "...when is the next bus coming for route [505] [west] including [alternate] routes" *SPECIFIC STOP* - You can request predictions by stop ID and optionally filter by route. - "Hey Google, ask Transit Now for..." - "...predictions for [route 510] [stop 7353]" - "...predictions for [stop 7353]" (show's all routes) - ID's for stops can be found in the Transit Now app (stop details, top right menu) or written on stop posts outside. *ALERTS* - "Hey Google, ask Transit Now for..." - "...subway delays" - "...upcoming subway detours" (schedule maintenance) - "...alerts for route 32" - "...accessibility alerts" (elevator, escalator malfunction) *FAVOURITES* - We recommend using routines with specific stops or alerts. - For example, you can set a routine "I am leaving for work" and that'll run the command "Ask Transit Now for predictions for route 510 stop 7353" - Ask "I want to setup a routine" for more info. Please email your feedback. Predictions are new and we are working on making it better. Currently only supported in Toronto, Canada with more cities coming soon.
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Talk to Transit Now for subway alerts.
Talk to Transit Now for upcoming subway closures.
Ask Transit Now for alerts for line 1.
Talk to Transit Now for predictions for route 510 stop 7353
Ask Transit Now for 504 East predictions.
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