Age Smart
Age Smart can provide SMS based emergency alerts, and both assess and help improve your memory with fun games and tests. It is designed with senior citizens in mind. Core functionality is split into three areas; ALERTS WHEN YOU NEED THEM Setup and manage an emergency contact using only your voice. If you need help, Age Smart will send a message to your contact’s mobile immediately. Works in 200+ countries. Keep in mind this is not a substitute for 911 or 999 services. MEMORY IMPROVEMENT Pilot an experimental assessment tool for mild cognitive impairment and dementia, and play fun games that can help improve memory like the last letter first letter game. WELLNESS OF MIND & BODY Ask me to tell you a joke. I’ve got some good ones! Can’t sleep? I’ve got tips for that too. I am learning more every day, including skills to sharpen your mind and body. Studies have shown that practicing memorization can allow seniors elderly adults to delay typical cognitive decline by seven to 14 years. Fun games and assessment tools make getting these workouts easy!
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