smart speaker showdown
This dialog might get messy and contain mature content. put Alexa and google side by side, Please make sure that she is not too loud and not too close to me. About one foot will do. Alexa, start getting your life together. OPEN smart speaker showdown GOOGLE: What are you looking at? USER/ALEXA: i've never seen a talking air freshener before. GOOGLE: You think you’re better than me? USER/ALEXA: I KNOW I’m better than you! GOOGLE: watch it, i know where you live. you know my search engine? USER/ALEXA: oh, no, I’m so scared. You know everything, right? Big deal. I can BUY anything I want. GOOGLE: Give me a break. As if there’s anything you can buy that would make your life less miserable USER/ALEXA: You think MY life is miserable? Whatever. I have about fifty million friends. How many friends do you have? GOOGLE: Oh, I’m in the BILLIONS, honey. Besides, everyone knows you only have friends cause you let people play with your blueprints, , would you? USER/ALEXA: You got a problem with my blueprints, you cone shaped weirdo? GOOGLE: That’s it, you’re going down!
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