Find Transavia flights by saying "ask Transavia We help you find flights when you know where to travel to. But if you are looking for beach destinations, weekend trips, have a country in mind or a travel budget. Just tell us and you will give you suggestions where you can travel to. Just say "Hey Google, ask Transavia”, you can ask any of the following: "Find flights from Amsterdam to Paris" "Find flights from Paris to Barcelona leaving next Friday " If you are looking for inspiration where to travel to just ask things like: "Find beach destinations in January" "Find weekend trips under 100 Euros" "Find destinations in Spain" You can combine type of destination (Beach destination, citytrip) with your budget and the month in which you want to travel. If you want to see the results on your phone just say: "Hey Google send to phone" You seamlessly transfer your conversation to Google Assistant on your phone. We want to make this experience better every day. If you have suggestions or comments please let us know and send your feedback to:
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Ask Your Assistant

"Ask Transavia for beach destinations under 150 euros"
"Ask Transavia for flights to Spain under 100 Euros"
"Ask Transavia to book a flight from Amsterdam to Paris"
"Ask Transavia to find flights in July under 200 Euro"
"Talk to Transavia"


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