Fire Danger Rating
Harsh Modi
The Fire Danger Rating app tells you how dangerous a fire would be if one started in Victoria, Australia. It helps you to know when conditions are dangerous enough to put your bushfire survival plan into action. The rating is your prompt to take action to stay safe. By default, you will need to tell Assistant what Fire District you live in, so you can find out the correct Fire Danger Rating. You will say “Ok Google, talk to Fire Danger Rating”. Victoria is divided into nine Fire Districts based on council boundaries. Here is a link of the municipalities in each district - Can I or Can’t I? - Please leave a 5-star review if you love this app, or send us an email with your suggestions. This app was designed by and developed by . Your 5-star review encourages us to keep making more great apps!
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Talk to Fire Danger Rating
Ask Fire Danger Rating about today for North East
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